Each free study provides a sample lesson that can be accessed without signing up. To access the remaining lessons in a free study, you need to signup with the site (requires only a username and a password).

We are committed to developing free basic or beginner adult studies and low cost advanced studies in order to provide good Christian Bible study for adults. We have chosen to use books of the Bible study approach to produce in depth studies. We believe an emphasis on personal reading and study of complete books of the Bible is best for clearer biblical understanding. Each study will vary in the number of lessons because books of Scripture vary in their length. We intend to provide comprehensive study through the use of in depth and thoughtful questions. Each lesson contains 10-15 questions including life application questions for personal reflection.

The following adult Bible studies are currently available:

Basic Studies
The Gospel of Matthew: FREE Online Bible Study Matthew: 35 lessons

(35 lessons)

The Book of Ruth - Five Ruth Bible Study Lessons Online - FREE

(5 lessons)

The Book of Jonah - Six Jonah Bible Study Lessons Online - FREE

(6 lessons)

The Letter of James - Nine James Bible Study Lessons - FREE

(9 lessons)

The Epistles of John: Ten 1 John, 2 John, 3 John Bible Study Lessons - FREE

(10 lessons)

Advanced Studies
The Gospel of Matthew - Advanced Bible Study Online

(47 lessons)

Book of Judges - Advanced Bible Study Online: 21 Lessons

(21 lessons)

Basic or Beginner Bible Study Online - FREE

This level of inquiry is ideal for those new to reading or studying the Bible, and new Christians. Questions are oriented toward recognition and comprehension of key information and principles. The lesson structure encourages reading comprehension by identifying key points and by avoiding questions of minimal importance.

Advanced Bible Study Online – Low-cost Fee

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This level of study is ideal for those who desire more in-depth Bible study through extensive use of a Bible dictionary. A Bible dictionary often provides important and relevant details about people, groups, false gods, places, and even the words used in Scripture. Questions include consideration of historical and cultural factors, as well as an author’s use of repetition, themes and intended audience. There is one FREE sample lesson available as a trial for each Advanced Bible Study. Simply click on the desired study and select the one available lesson.

Due to the increased complexity of an Advanced Bible Study, hints and explanations for wrong answers may be provided to you. Hints are typically provided for questions requiring the correlation of related passages from different chapters within the given book of study. Explanations for wrong answers are typically provided for questions with answers that are deductively understood from the correlation of related passages, historical and cultural information, themes within the given book of study, etc. Explanations are not provided for questions referencing the Nelson dictionary since the answers are within the given topic and page number provided. Explanations are not provided for answers that are explicit within the given passage of study.

These studies will contain a large number of questions that incorporate historical and cultural information in such a way as to increase our understanding of Scripture. Authors writing thousands of years ago did not need to write information that was commonly known and understood, just as we do today. Another common variance is cultural differences, especially among personal or family relationships. Even today we can learn, understand and appreciate cultural differences between western, Asian or eastern societies.

Bible Study for Adults that is Comprehensive, Online and Christian

A study online is ideal for home Bible study. An internet based study can be easily accessed when away from home such as during lunch break, vacations or business trips, where you can continue your lesson online. Our online resource, combined with other online resources, can be especially valuable to those with busy schedules. Various groups may find online lessons to be a valuable resource. Small groups, home groups or any group Bible study that uses our internet-based lessons will save by not purchasing lesson books. Each lesson provides structure and framework to help keep each group member on track.

Leaders or teachers for adult Sunday school classes or Scripture study classes may find a books of the Bible study to help them present good lessons. We intend to provide good Christian Bible study as an asset to the greater Christian community. One of the needs of Christianity today is increased personal Bible study to encourage discipleship. A Christian Bible study online is one option for people who no longer attend Sunday school for biblical teaching or instruction. It is clear that internet-based resources is an opportunity to reach adult men and women with biblical Bible study lessons throughout the world.

Free Basic/Beginner Low-cost Advanced
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Life application questions
Instant lesson assessment
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Explanations for wrong answers*
Historical and cultural information
Correlation of repetition and themes
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