Online Lesson Features

A question User progress
  • A button to increase the font size is located at the top right of the lesson
  • Questions may have either only one or multiple correct answers
  • Some questions include a hint that can be accessed by clicking on the symbol of a light bulb
  • Life application questions (questions that begin with “Life application”) are not evaluated but are provided for further thought and reflection
  • Following the last question there are two buttons.
    • The “Reset” button clears all previously selected answers for all questions.
    • The “Evaluate” button is to be clicked when you are ready for your lesson answers to be evaluated. After clicking the “Evaluate” button you will not be able to redo the lesson.
  • The lesson cannot be “saved” partially completed to finish later (a planned future feature)
  • Upon clicking the “Evaluate” button, a new screen appears with these features
    • You may alternate between showing all questions or showing only questions with wrong answers by clicking on the gray colored buttons at the top left side of the screen
    • Your next lesson in the study is shown and can be selected if you are ready to go to the next lesson
    • Questions with wrong answers are identified with a large red button, while those with correct answers are identified with a large green button
    • Corrected answers are shown in the answer boxes
    • Your chosen answers are indicated by an arrow and a statement “This was your given answer”, located to the right
    • If an “Explanation” is provided for a given question then a yellow box stating “Show Explanation” appears at the bottom left of the question box. Clicking on “Show Explanation” will display the provided explanation.
    • Note: Explanations are provided when deemed helpful in understanding corrected answers. Explanations are not provided for questions referencing the Nelson Bible dictionary.
Free Basic/Beginner Low-cost Advanced
Multiple Choice, T/F Questions
Life application questions
Instant lesson assessment
Corrected answers
Explanations for wrong answers*
Historical and cultural information
Correlation of repetition and themes
Place to make notes regarding life app questions
Place to make personal notes
Storage of completed lessons
* See limitations noted under "Bible Study Types"