Table of Contents:

  1. Example
  2. Lesson Process
  3. How to Purchase
  4. Give as a Gift
  5. Recommended Bible Dictionary


An Example of Historical, Cultural information from the Nelson Bible dictionary:

Passage of Study: Matthew 1:18-19

Why was Joseph going to divorce Mary when they were not yet married?

From referencing the Nelson Bible dictionary, a pledge to be married in ancient times was so binding that only an official divorce could break it.

Why would Joseph want to divorce Mary quietly?

From referencing the Nelson Bible dictionary, besides avoiding public disgrace, noted in verse 19, there was also the risk of Mary being put to death under Mosaic Law for a charge of committing adultery or of not being a virgin when married.

Lesson Process

  1. First select a Bible study, and then select a Bible study lesson.
  2. One FREE Bible study lesson is provided as a sample
  3. Access to the remaining Bible study lessons require two things:
    • Sign up to create a user account
    • Payment of the fee for the desired Bible study (see link “How to Purchase” on Home page)
  4. Steps for completing a lesson
    • You may print the Bible study lesson and return later to enter answers
    • Access to a given lesson remains open until you have clicked the “Evaluate” button.
    • Questions referring to the suggested Bible dictionary are so noted in parenthesis at the end of the question.
    • Select answers by clicking on the box or button at the beginning of the answer
    • Life application questions are optional, they are not evaluated. You may type text into the comment boxes provided. Data entered into the comment boxes are stored with your user account for your later retrieval.
    • User comment/notes questions are provided for your personal use. Notes are stored with your user account for your later retrieval.
    • When you are ready for your lesson answers to be evaluated, click the “Evaluate” button. After clicking the “Evaluate” button you will not be able to redo the lesson.
  5. Upon clicking the “Evaluate” button
    • The lesson is finished, your results and any text comments are stored with your user account
    • A new screen appears
    • The default is to show questions that had wrong answers
    • You may show all questions by clicking on the “Show All Questions” gray colored button at the top left side of the screen
    • Your next lesson in the study is shown and can be selected if you are ready to go to the next lesson
    • Questions with wrong answers are identified with a large red button, while those with correct answers are identified with a large green button
    • Corrected answers are shown in the answer boxes
    • Your chosen answers are indicated by an arrow and a statement “This was your given answer”, located to the right
    • If an “Explanation” is provided for a given question then a yellow box stating “Show Explanation” appears at the bottom left of the question box. Clicking on “Show Explanation” will display the provided explanation.
    • Note: Explanations are provided when deemed helpful in understanding corrected answers. Explanations are not provided for questions referencing the Nelson Bible dictionary.

How to Purchase

  1. Find the fee for the Advanced Bible Study you would like to purchase, by clicking on the appropriate Study.
  2. If you do not have a User Account, create one by clicking on the “Sign Up” link on the home page
  3. Send a check, payable to “Discipling for Life”, to Discipling for Life 1660 Wisteria Drive Chambersburg, PA 17202. Include a note providing your “username”, name of the desired Bible Study, and your email address.
  4. There is no sales tax for online services.
  5. Upon receipt of your check and data, an email will be sent to you confirming access to your desired Bible Study.
  6. If you have any questions regarding purchasing an online Advanced Bible Study, send an email to

Give as a Gift

You can purchase an Advanced Bible Study as a gift (not IRS tax deductible) for someone for Christmas, birthdays, graduation, anniversary, or other special occasions.

An Example Email Notification, using Example Data, is as follows:

Your email address: JDOE@email
BIBLE STUDY GIFT: The Gospel of Matthew – Advanced Study
Email address of Gift Recipient: JaneDoe@email
Gift Occasion: Christmas
Send Date: December 24, 2009

Dear [Jane Doe],                  Email sent [December 24, 2009]


You have been given the Advanced Bible Study, [The Gospel of Matthew], at as a gift from [John Doe] for [Christmas].

Simply go to our site at, login using the following username “xxxxxxx” and password “yyyyyyy”, and then click on your Advanced Bible Study.

You should change your password by clicking “Profile” and then clicking on “edit your profile”.

We look forward to your participation in our online Bible Study Lessons.

Orville Hade
Executive Director
Discipling for Life

To purchase an Advanced Bible Study as a gift (not tax deductible), send a check, payable to “Discipling for Life”, to Discipling for Life 1660 Wisteria Drive Chambersburg, PA 17202. Include a note providing:

Upon receipt of your check and data, an email will be sent to you confirming receipt of your Christmas gift order. You will also receive a copy of the email that is sent to your GIFT RECIPIENT, on the Send Date, for your verification.

Register to be Sponsored

It may be possible for you to receive an Advanced Bible Study for FREE through the contributions of generous donors. Send an email to requesting sponsorship and noting:

As funds become available we will notify you via email of your fulfilled sponsorship.

Recommended Bible Dictionary

We have selected the Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary by Ronald F. Youngblood, 1995, Thomas Nelson Publishers, ISBN #0785212175, as a reference tool for all of our Advanced Bible Studies. It was chosen for being academically and theologically sound, inclusive of archeological and historical data, while also being easy to read and understand.

An online Bible dictionary was not found that met our criteria, as well not having an assurance such a site would be available into the foreseeable future.

Other Bible dictionaries may be referenced for the Advanced Bible Studies realizing that the type and quantity of information and details will vary between Bible dictionaries. You may not be able to accurately answer some questions without referencing Nelson’s Bible dictionary.

As of October 9, 2009 the Nelson Bible dictionary can be purchased from various online book sellers for about $20. As additional Advanced Bible Study lessons are added, eventually totaling 62, one for each book of the Bible, you will find the nominal cost to be a very practical and useful expense.