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1 Lesson 1
(Chapter 1:1-12; Jonah tries to run away from God, desperation on the seas )
2 Lesson 2
(Chapter 1:13-end, 2:1-3; pagan sailors and Jonah, Jonah overboard, the great fish)
3 Lesson 3
(Chapter 2:4-end; Jonah remembers the Lord, worthless idols, Jonah saved)
4 Lesson 4
(Chapter 3:1-end; the Lord's message to Nineveh, Ninevites response, God shows compassion)
5 Lesson 5
(chapter 4:1-8; Jonah becomes angry, Jonah wants to die, God confronts Jonah with a vine)
6 Lesson 6
(Chapter 4:9-end, Summary; Jonah's values, does Jonah or the pagans obey God)

The Jonah Study consists of Six (6) FREE Online Lessons. The Book of Jonah Study includes the following Bible study themes: (To access all of the FREE Jonah Study lessons simply click sign-in to setup your FREE online user account and begin)

Anger: The book of Jonah shows the danger of focusing on anger and allowing feelings of anger to supersede reason and being humble before God. Selfish anger leads to errors in judgment and sometimes feelings of depression.

Disobeying God: The book of Jonah study clearly shows how intentional disobedience by a servant of God can lead to trouble not only for themselves but for those near them.

God uses imperfect people: God does not give up on his people although we may feel far from God when we are unfaithful.

God’s sovereignty: The Bible study of Jonah identifies several instances where God shows his sovereignty through nature as well as through uncooperative people.

God’s purpose for difficult times or pending judgment: The Jonah Bible study shows how God intends for difficult times or pending judgment is intended to turn people to Him. God’s delay in bringing judgment is for the purpose of allowing people time to repent.

Repentance: The people of Nineveh demonstrate the type of repentance God desires; acts of remorse and change in behavior.

Values: The Bible study on Jonah points out how selfishness leads us to prefer personal benefit over the salvation of enemies and that sometimes unbelievers show greater value for human life more than believers

Jonah Bible Study Background Information:

Prophet of Israel: were called by God with the proof being the accuracy of their messages

Nineveh: was the ancient capital city of the Assyrian Empire

Assyrian Empire: Assyrians were a savage and merciless people known for burning children, impaling victims on stakes, beheading and chopping hands off. They worshiped many gods. They were often in conflict with the Israelites and were considered a serious enemy

Tarshish: was located about 2,000 miles in the opposite direction of Nineveh

Bible Translation Version: The NIV Bible translation is recommended since the Jonah Bible lessons reference the NIV. Other Bible translations may be used although some wording variations will occur.

Textbook recommendations: For more insight into biblical interpretation, or better understanding of what we read in the Bible, I highly recommend either of the following: How to Study Your Bible, by Kay Arthur or How to READ the BIBLE for All Its WORTH, by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart.