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Study on The Gospel of Matthew - Advanced Bible Study Online — Lesson 2

Chapter 2: 1-12
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1. Which are accurate statements about King Herod mentioned in verse 1? (Nelson 559-561)
(a) Herod was the name of several Roman rulers in the Palestine region around the time of Jesus
(b) The Herodian dynasty originated with Antipater who was of Edomite stock as descendant of Esau
(c) Antipater appointed a son Herod (Herod the Great) to a ruling position, who later was appointed King of Judea by the Romans
(d) He killed all male infants who might be possible legal heirs to the throne
(e) He killed his wife Mariamne
(f) He killed his two sons of his wife Mariamne when they realized he killed their mother
(g) He had 10 marriages and 15 children
(h) Jesus was born during his reign of 37-4 B.C.
2. Which are accurate statements about the Magi mentioned in verse 1? (Nelson 1317: Wise Men)
(a) They were historically referenced as astrologers and/or sorcerers
(b) They were identified in the fifth century B.C. as a caste of Medes who had a priestly function in the Persian Empire
(c) They came from the West
3. In verse 3, what was likely a reason why all of Jerusalem was "disturbed" instead of being excited about the prospect of a true king of Israel?
(a) Another king would require more taxes
(b) King Herod was disturbed and he had a vicious reputation for killing whenever he thought his rule was endangered
(c) They were disturbed because foreigners, the Magi, had come to Jerusalem
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4. In verse 2, the "star" seen by the Magi could have been which things, because in the Bible the word "star" is used as a generic term? (Nelson 1201: Star)
(a) Star
(b) Planets
(c) Sun
(d) Comets
(e) Meteors
(f) Moon
5. Who knew in which city/town the king of the Jews would be born?
(a) The Magi
(b) King Herod
(c) The chief priests and teachers of the law
6. Which statement/s accurately describe the chief priests? (Nelson 1028: right column)
(a) Held priestly offices of higher rank in the Temple
(b) Along with the high priest, they were leaders in the Sanhedrin
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7. Which statement/s accurately describe the teachers of the law? (Nelson 1137-1138: Scribes)
(a) Were an educated group who studied the Scriptures, served as copyists, editors, and teachers
(b) They took over the role of study of Scripture and teaching from the priests
(c) Their official interpretation of the Law eventually became more important than the Law itself
(d) "Scribble" was a nickname for scribes with bad handwriting
(e) By the time of Jesus, the scribes were a new upper class among the Jewish people
(f) The largest group of scribes came from among merchants, carpenters, tentmakers, and day laborers
(g) Upon completion of many years of study, one could be ordained and then act as judges, be called rabbis, and occupy various positions of authority
(h) Many of the scribes were members of the Sanhedrin
(i) Scribes were not paid for their services, so they had to earn a living another way
(j) Scribes were held in greatest esteem by the people
8. Some of the chief priests and teachers of the law joined with the Magi in their search for the one born king of the Jews because they were eager to see Scripture fulfilled.
(a) True
(b) False
9. How did the Magi know to go to Bethlehem?
(a) The star led them there
(b) One of the chief priests met with the Magi secretly and told them
(c) King Herod sent the Magi there
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10. Which of the following statements describe incense? (Nelson 597)
(a) A sweet-smelling substance that was burned as an offering to God on the altar in the tabernacle and the temple
(b) Incense used in Israelite worship was of a certain composition. A wrong composition or misuse of incense was considered sin
(c) A person who inhaled too much incense would often become incensed with anger
(d) According to the law, only the priests descended from Aaron could offer incense
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11. Which of the following statements describe myrrh? (Nelson 1006: Myrrh)
(a) An extract from a tree
(b) Valued as an article of trade
(c) An ingredient used in anointing oil, perfume, in purification rites for women and in embalming
12. Did the Magi report back to King Herod where Jesus was located as they were instructed?
(a) Yes, but they returned to report to King Herod by a different route
(b) No, they were warned in a dream not to go back to King Herod
(c) Yes, but they refused to tell King Herod where Jesus was located
13. Life application: How might we be influenced by our government or political leaders in ways that discourage us from seeking after God and His ways?
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