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Study on The Gospel of Matthew: FREE Online Bible Study Matthew: 35 lessons — Lesson 1

Chapter 1
1. The lineage of Jesus is traced back to
(a) Adam
(b) David
(c) Abraham
2. In the genealogy, which five people are noted in such a way as to stand out, and share a common characteristic?
(a) Tamar
(b) Rahab
(c) Ruth
(d) the woman whose mother had been Uriah's wife (Bathsheba)
(e) Jeconiah and his brothers
(f) Mary, the mother of Jesus
3. While Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba all were thought to have had questionable background or character, people would have questioned Mary's character because
(a) she was found to be with child, through the Holy Spirit, after she married Joseph
(b) she was found to be with child before she married Joseph
(c) she was found to be with child after she had married Joseph
4. Joseph intended to divorce (to cancel the marriage pledge) Mary quietly because
(a) she had been a lifetime friend
(b) he wanted to avoid the embarrassment
(c) he was a righteous man and did not want to publicly disgrace her
5. Joseph kept Mary as his wife because
(a) she convinced him things would work out
(b) an angel of the Lord encouraged him in a dream
(c) an angel of the Lord appeared to him while working in his carpentry shop
6. The angel of the Lord told Joseph to name Mary's son, Jesus, because
(a) he will save his people from their oppresser, the Romans
(b) he will save his people from their sins
(c) he will save only Jewish people from their sins
7. Which is the main point emphasized in verses 22-25?
(a) That Mary gave birth to a son
(b) That Mary was a virgin and remained so until Jesus was born
(c) That Joseph named the boy, Jesus
8. Life application: Joseph was within his legal right to divorce Mary, but God had higher purposes. How might we pursue our "rights" which sometimes may lead us against God's ways?
9. Life application: Joseph and Mary both likely experienced some humiliation due to her pregnancy with Jesus, no one had ever heard of a virgin birth before. Is suffering humiliation something that we must ALWAYS correct?